LYRE is a female writer/production duo, comprised of Annalise Morelli and Alina Smith. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Alina comes from an engineering/production background while Annalise comes from a core songwriting background, collectively able to quickly bring a song from inception to release. They recently co-wrote Red Velvet's "Talk To Me" from the album "Rookie" which went #1 in Korea, as well as producing and co-writing Helena Legend's "No Explanations EP" (Sony), and are currently working with INNA (Global), Nicole Millar (Sony), Tiffany Houghton (Radio Disney), and many more.


  • ETHAN SCHIFF: Manager
  • TIFFANY ALMY: Lawyer

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  • ETHAN SCHIFF:Manager | Founder & Owner
  • WILL SUTER:Manager | Partner
  • VANESSA MAGOS: Manager